Colorado Drone Chargers announces new product release for Autel EVO Max 4T drone

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (January 9, 2024) – Colorado Drone Chargers, a leading designer and manufacturer of commercial drone battery charging systems, recently announced the release of a new drone charging system to support the Autel EVO Max 4T drone.

The Colorado Drone Chargers Autel EVO Max 4T/N Portable Rapid Charging System (PRCS) is a multi-battery drone charging system compatible with Max 4T/N Smart Flight Batteries.

“This has been an exciting time for us! A few weeks ago, we announced the release of our new CDC DJI Avata charging system, and we’re pleased to release another high-quality charger for Autel EVO Max 4T drone users,” said Colorado Drone Chargers Founder & CEO Johnny Podrovitz.  

Along with all other charging systems from Colorado Drone Chargers, the CDC Autel EVO Max 4T PRCS will charge four batteries and two (2) USB devices simultaneously. Users will be able to charge one USB-A and one USB-C device simultaneously with the 55W USB charger. All charging systems from Colorado Drone Chargers are designed to be powered from a range of power sources, including inverters and generators, making them easily portable for drone users.

Key features of the CDC Autel EVO Max 4T/N PRCS include:

  • Average charge time of 55-65 minutes (all 4 batteries)
  • Charging system will charge four (4) batteries and two (2) USB accessories
  • Safe voltage & temperature management including multi-fan cooling
  • 100% duty cycle
  • Includes protective hard case: Impact resistant, watertight and dust proof, with easy-open pressure release valve

Based in Colorado Springs, Colorado Drone Chargers is a USA veteran-owned business. The company designs and manufactures drone charging systems supporting leading drone brands such as: Autel Robotics, DJI, Freefly Systems, Parrot, Skydio and Teal Drones. Colorado Drone Chargers offers a lifetime warranty on all products and free shipping in the contiguous U.S.

“We truly appreciate all of our customers and partners, and we’ll keep working to advance and support the important work being done with drones across industries,” said Podrovitz.

About Colorado Drone Chargers

Based in Colorado Springs and founded in 2017, Colorado Drone Chargers™ (CDC) is committed to giving drone users more flight time with less batteries. CDC offers drone charging systems for industry-leading commercial drones, and is committed to providing the fastest and most efficient charging solutions on the market. CDC charging systems charge multiple batteries and a flight controller simultaneously at record speeds, and chargers are designed to be durable and portable for the most remote and rugged environments.

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Katie Dewitt (Colorado Drone Chargers)

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