Q:Will the rapid charging damage my batteries? 

A: We charge all batteries at around 1C, which is completely safe for LiIon batteries, and usually about how quickly your OEM charger will charge a battery. What makes our chargers Rapid Chargers is not the speed that we charge an idividual battery, but that we charge multiple batteries simultaneously.

Q:Will the Mavic 2 charger work for my Mavic 2 Enterprise? 

A: Yes! Please see the compatibility tab on our product pages to learn which drones/batteries each of our chargers are compatible with. If you don't see your drone/battery listed, feel free to contact us.

Q:Why don't you offer a charger for the M300?

A: The reason we don't offer an M300 charger is largely due to the power requirements of the M300. To charge 4 TB60 batteries and a flight controller simultaneously at the same rate as the BS60 charging case, more than 2100W of power would be required. This means most standard US 110V outlets with 15 Amp service (1650W) will not allow more than 1 set of TB60 batteries to be charged simultaneously at this charge rate. With this limitation of power options, the DJI BS60 is the best option for owners of the M300 series drones.

Q:Can I use this charger in Europe?

A: We have several chargers that conform to CE guidelines, just select the "CE" option on the product page and you will receive a charger with an auto-switching power supply installed. If we don't currently offer a CE option on our website for the charger you would like to use in Europe, please contact us and we can assist you with this request. If you are using a plug adapter in Europe with your US model charger, it should work just fine as long as your adapter is rated for your charger's power requirements.

Q: Does the charger actively cool my batteries?

A: All Colorado Drone Chargers products have built-in fans to help circulate air through the charger, with the main purpose of lowering the temperature of the charger, not the batteries. The contact areas between the charger and the battery may help to cool batteries slightly, but will depend upon the ambient temperature.

Q: What happens if I try to charge my batteries when they are too warm? 

A: If batteries are inserted into the charger while they are still warm, they will not charge until they cool to an appropriate temperature.  Once they have cooled, they will automatically begin charging.