We give drone users more flight time with less batteries.

Drone charging systems that charge multiple batteries and a flight controller at the same time.


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A Better Experience for Drone Users 

Rapid Charging

You can charge four batteries and one flight controller simultaneously. And the average charge time is just 50-80 minutes.

Less Batteries

Our charging systems are fast and efficient. So you buy less batteries and carry less batteries in the field.

Easily Powered

All of our charging systems are portable with a protective carrying case, and easily powered by inverters and generators.

Charge Multiple Batteries at the Same Time

We offer the fastest, and most efficient drone charging solutions on the market.

Colorado Drone Chargers is a USA veteran-owned company.

A Trusted Industry Leader

Colorado Drone Chargers offers charging systems for industry-leading commercial drones
such as Autel, DJI and Parrot.

We primarily serve customers in the government sector and commercial industries. We’re always seeking
new customers and partnerships. Send us a message if you’d like to connect.

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customers (and counting) in all 50 states of the U.S. and


countries around the globe put their trust in
Colorado Drone Chargers

Our chargers are preferred by more than

Fire Departments
Police Forces
Search and Rescue and EMS
Government Agencies

Award Winning Chargers

Users have voted our chargers the best in category two years in a row.